What and Why?

This is a blog and collection of semi-artificial music that was generated by a Neural network (RNN, LSTM) and adjusted by a lover of Irish Traditional Music (ITM). Unlike previously implemented versions and other similar projects, this version is more focused on the Irish Music only, and less computer-governed, which makes neural tunes more “alive” and “natural”.  In general,  the final goal was to develop a method of tunes creation or helping composers to generate ABC tunes. As the main requirement, generated tunes must be playable by most of the instruments that usually used during Irish Sessions.  So far, this project did a great job, but still requires some improvements.

Set of four neural jigs in D:

Slow reel with no name in E minor:

You can listen several other examples in the Gallery section. The detailed creation process is described here and the actual example is provided here. The method of Irish tunes production is in constant improvment, so check out the blog for more details.

The main idea is to try to answer the following questions:

  1.  Tradition and innovation. To what extent can innovation affect tradition? What is innovation? What if the modern tune is a basically “essential average” of the whole traditional ones?
  2.  The main question that challenges me – what is the role of the performer? Can you play a boring tune beautifully on a bad flute, for example?

What is the purpose?

Choose, Play, Share neural Irish tunes!

For musicians, who want to share their playing brand new tunes – You can pick any tune, play it, adjust it, rename it and upload it back here – we will share it on this website and  our  Youtube channel.  New tunes will be posted weekly.

For those who want to dedicate a tune but for some reasons not available to compose now  – again, pick one, and I`ll name and play it for you.

Please, subscribe and I will notify you about freshly composed tunes.


Future directions:

  • Better adjustment of the learning and generating parameters
  • Try on the larger tune databases and/or transposed scores [in progress]
  • Online tunes generation