The very first set of neural reels

New tune, News / Friday, December 15th, 2017

Now it is time for reels!  New training parameters are resulted in a big improvement of generated tunes quality. I transposed all “the session” library of reels to the key of D before the network learning. After the training and the generation, for sure, neural Irish tunes require some adjustments of Irish-RNN tunes in ABC format to the more natural scale. The resulting scale was chosen arbitrary, depending on the “quality” of a tune. Currently, the percentage of successful tunes is around 35%, which is a great advantage over the other performed models. The resulting model is quite over-fitted still but it`s okay to get some intermediate results. As usual, I post only meaningful results.

Here is the set consisted of three generated reels:


All ABC and sheet versions can be found in the tunes section. The next step is jigs!